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Taiwan automatic lathe: the status quo of composite processing machine tools
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Taiwan automatic lathe: the status quo of composite processing machine tools

2019-09-12 14:52
Composite machining machines generally have these features: fewer settings, sometimes even one-time; complex workpieces do not need to be machined on multiple machines; reduce the number of workpieces to be clamped; the number of machine tools on the machining site is reduced, no need to invest in the field a lot of.
Machine tool builders are adapting to the expanding market in two ways. One is that the machine tool they designed can perform more than one machining process. Some machines now offer milling, drilling, tapping, turning, grinding, welding and leveling functions.
Another versatile and more obvious way is to increase the machine's high speed by accelerating the workpiece clamping speed, which is mainly achieved by adding a robot or workpiece clamping mechanism to a single machine or unit.
Another hobby factor for multi-function machines is that most automation and aerospace manufacturers are currently tempering to reduce their own processing scale, requiring suppliers to deliver modules that can be assembled directly.
Analysts have seen many problems such as quality assurance and aging of equipment and the inability to process high-precision workpieces in large quantities, so some large-volume workpieces are now decomposed into small batches for subcontracting to multiple suppliers.
All of this provides a place for composite machining machines to play their talents.
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