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Large-scale machining process and processing steps
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Large-scale machining process and processing steps

2019-09-12 14:50
The process flow of large-scale machining mainly refers to the steps of manufacturing or machining parts or parts. When performing operations, it mainly uses mechanical processing methods to directly and effectively change the shape, size and surface quality of the blanks to make them parts. The process is called a machining process. For example, the processing flow of a common part is roughing-finishing-assembly-inspection-packaging, which is a general process of processing.
The process of large-scale machining is to change the shape, size, relative position and nature of the production object on the basis of the process, so that it becomes a finished product or a semi-finished product. It is a detailed description of each step and each process. For example, As mentioned above, roughing may include blank manufacturing, sanding, etc. Finishing may be divided into cars, fitters, milling machines, etc. Each step requires detailed data, such as how much roughness is to be achieved, and tolerances are to be reached. How many.
Large-scale machining will effectively determine the process used according to the number of products, equipment conditions and quality of workers, and write the relevant contents into process documents. Such documents are called process procedures. This is more targeted. Each plant may not be the same, because the actual situation is different.
The procedure for large-scale machining is one of the technical documents that stipulate the mechanical processing process and operation method of the parts. It is to write the more reasonable process and operation method into the process documents according to the prescribed form under the specific production conditions. Used to guide production after approval. The machining process specification generally includes the following contents: the process route of the workpiece processing, the specific content of each process, the equipment and process equipment used, the inspection items and inspection methods of the workpiece, the cutting amount, the time quota, and the like.
In the process of formulating the process, large-scale machining often adjusts the content that has been initially determined, so that it can improve its economic benefits. In the process of executing the process, there may be unexpected situations. For example, changes in production conditions, introduction of new technologies and new processes, application of new materials and advanced equipment, etc., require timely revision and improvement of the process regulations.
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