Characteristics of the molding machine industry

Dongguan Ansheng Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd. is a hardware machinery company invested and cooperated by Zhongtai. The company has set up to distribute new computer lathes (CNC), tool/fastener forming machines, various types of electronic/computer radiator ditching machinery, peripheral equipment and hardware parts. Today I will talk about the characteristics of our company's molding machine.

First: the molding machine market is increasingly monopolized. At present, in addition to corrugated box forming machines and some small packaging machines, which have a certain scale and advantages, other forming machines are almost not systematic and scale, especially some complete packaging production lines that are in high demand in the market, are in the world packaging market. It is monopolized by large molding machine enterprises (groups). 

Second: specialization in the production of molding machine parts. The international packaging industry attaches great importance to improving the general capabilities of the molding machine processing and the entire packaging system, so the specialization of the production of molding machine parts is an inevitable trend of development. Many parts are no longer produced by the molding machine factory, but by some general standard parts Factory production, some special parts are produced by highly specialized manufacturers, and the real famous molding machine factory will probably be the assembly factory. Products are developing towards multi-function and single, high-speed polarization. The ultimate role of the molding machine is to improve production efficiency and product diversification.

Third: the technical content of the molding machine is increasing day by day. Some existing molding machine products in China have low technical content, while foreign countries have applied many advanced technologies to molding machines, such as long-distance remote control technology (including monitoring), stepping motor technology, automatic flexible compensation technology, laser cutting technology, information technology processing technology, etc. The low-level repeated construction of molding machines has hindered the upgrading and innovation of industrial products, and we should find ways to solve them.

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