How to choose cd thread screw wire?

CD pattern screws are widely used. In products in different fields, such as: electronics, electrical appliances, mechanical equipment products, etc., all need to use CD screw, so how should the wire of CD screw be selected? How should the screw be selected?
1. Iron CD screw is actually produced using iron wire. The market is generally iron wire CD pattern screws, they are produced by electroplating white zinc, color zinc, nickel and so on.
2. Stainless steel CD screw is produced with stainless steel wire. The production of stainless steel CD-grain screws does not require electroplating, and generally only needs to be cleaned to make the stainless-steel CD-grain screws reach bright lines. However, some customers also require electroplating or electroplating of CD-grain screws of different colors for the requirements of stainless steel CD-grain screws.
Commonly used materials for CD thread screws are carbon steel, stainless steel, iron, low alloy steel and non-ferrous metals. However, in some occasions, the fastener material needs to meet the conditions of severe corrosion or high strength, and there are many stainless steels and ultra-high-strength stainless steels that emerge as the times require.

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