Why don't cd thread screws use carbon steel?

Why don't cd thread screws use carbon steel?
Usually the material of cd pattern screws is stainless steel, and some with higher requirements will use 316 or 410 material, so why not use stainless steel? Let's first take a look at the quality of stainless steel materials and the characteristics of carbon steel materials:

The surface of the screws produced by the stainless steel material is as smooth as new, with anti-rust performance and corrosion resistance, good ductility and medium plasticity, which meets the production requirements of cd-grain screws. . Precision screws are widely used in electronics, electrical, electrical appliances, furniture, mechanical equipment and so on. Then it can achieve the gloss of the cd pattern screw we saw above.

Carbon steel material: The screw produced by carbon steel material has poor corrosion resistance and rust resistance, weak elongation performance, high strength and low plasticity. Brittle cracks will expand on the surface of the etched cd-grain screw. Precision screws are referred to as small screws, also known as tiny screws, which are tiny fasteners connecting product materials. The appearance effect is not as good as the effect of the material.

From the characteristics of the material, we can know why the cd pattern screw is not made of carbon steel.

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