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After sales service

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After-sales outlet query
   For more information on each service outlet, please call:0769-8318-0661
Contact our customer service team
   You can contact the special after-sales service center directly:0769-8318-0661,Quick repair call:0769-83119801。We will be happy to answer your call. Or you can email angui@chinaansheng.com Contact us. Service hotline answering time: Monday to Sunday,8:00am 一 18:00pm

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Distribution of new computer lathe (CNC), automatic lathe, table lathe, automatic bar feeder, tool grinding, tool/fastener forming machine, all kinds of electronic/computer radiator trenching machinery, peripheral machinery and hardware spare parts, medieval automatic lathe, etc......

Tel:+86-769-83180661  83119801 
13922537778(Mr. Huang)
13602330369(Mr. Sun)

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