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Product quality control meet customer demand
A state of mind first, the concept first, and responsibility first.
Two, people-oriented, ability and political integrity.
Three, first quality, the quality of after.
Fourth, rapid response, immediate action.
Five, diligent and pragmatic, hard-working, honest harmony, dedication and common prosperity.
Six, follow procedures, implementation in place, the process approach, active promotion, good day high.
Seven, good pipe, dare pipes, in the end, see the performance, and when you enter.
Eight, everyone strategic career oriented, customer service oriented functions.
Nine, actively involved, happy work, study progress, the pursuit of excellence.
Ten, zero unlimited communication barriers from trade union and do practical things.
Eleven, everyone steward, everything was tubes, responsibilities and rights to the people, not the person.
Twelve, safety first, quality first, efficiency-oriented, technology and management of both, comprehensive and coordinated development.

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