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   Ansheng Company is a China mainland & Taiwan joint venture hardware machinery company.The company is comprised of HQ,Dongguan Dalang Ansheng Hardware Machinery Business Department and Ansheng Hardware Factory.The Ansheng Business Department mainly distributes fully new automatic lathes,computer CNC lathes,hardware spare parts,peripheral equipments,free iron,free stainless steel and second automatic machine tools,etc.Ansheng Hardware Factory mainly engages in machinery maintenance,after sales services and hardware product processing.

  With many years' experience of production and distribution in automatic lathes and computer lathes(CNC) and abundant technical resources ,we can provide different customers with services of production capacity analysis of equipments,factory workroom design,technical worker training,cam design,ensuring the best efficiency of customers' investment and making the newest and most suitable hardware products to meet the needs of the market.

  The company sticks to the principle of "Quality the first,service the first".We will sincerely offer you the best quality service.


Ansheng Hardware

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Distribution of new computer lathe (CNC), automatic lathe, table lathe, automatic bar feeder, tool grinding, tool/fastener forming machine, all kinds of electronic/computer radiator trenching machinery, peripheral machinery and hardware spare parts, medieval automatic lathe, etc......

Tel:+86-769-83180661  83119801 
13922537778(Mr. Huang)
13602330369(Mr. Sun)

 Ansheng Hardware
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